Rich internet Application

Incredible User Experience Sells Software

Flash when combined with an intelligent business layer and database, provides an excellent platform for intelligent, interactive and dynamic Rich Internet Applications. These applications which run over internet, corporate intranet or standalone are secure and reliable with a minimum of management.

Rich Internet Applications provide a user interface that is more robust, responsive and visually interesting that one that is achieved with HTML alone.

Broadens business processes to rich user interfaces

Sameva develops custom solutions that fit customer/clients’ needs by leveraging their(client’s) experience and knowledge, along with data infrastructure, to help them reach their goals.

  • Reduce data complexity — allow users to interactively visualize and manipulate complex data more effectively and easily.
  • Present information more effectively and guide your users (Clients) through the application interface.
  • Improve transactions with rich customer self service.
  • Increase customer retention with engaging experience.

Dedicated RIA COE team at Sameva keeps track of the latest trends in the RIA area/domain and constantly works on building the relevant skills and competencies on diverse technology platforms, relevant standards, guidelines and best practices.

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