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Remote Proctor Now (RPNow), developed by Software Secure, is a cloud-based online proctoring solution for secure online examination delivery. Sameva has partnered with Software Secure and is now a leading reseller of their award-winning remote proctoring software solution.

Designed to provide educators and students in distance learning environments with an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective exam process, RPNow delivers on-demand, proctored exams that enable students to test online, anytime, anywhere, with integrity.

Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, when students are ready to test, they simply log into RPNow. The clean and simple interface allows students to easily select an exam and enter the information required to verify their identity. During the exam, RPNow automatically records the entire exam experience. Everything is reviewed by at least two certified proctors – so if a student cheats, our reviewers will catch it.

RPNow is scalable for any group size and can easily integrate with any Learning Management System (LMS), like Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, etc. or test delivery system via our LTI application. RPNow is the only end-to-end IMS Certified online proctoring solution.

RPNow combines an easy-to-use interface with identity verification, proprietary lockdown security and professional review of a complete recording of the exam experience to ensure your institution can test with integrity.

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Convenient, Affordable and Easy to use Online Proctoring

Online proctoring software RPNow offers anytime, anywhere flexibility. And with no scheduling required, a test taker can take an online exam the moment they are ready – in the comfort of their own homes or workplace – with integrity.

Reduced Costs

Students can use RPNow at a fraction of the cost of going to test centers, and can avoid the inconvenience of securing a qualified personal proctor.

Reliable and Scalable

From a small online distance learning program to massive open online courses (MOOCs), RPNow is scalable as per your unique program requirements and budgets.

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