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Oil paint is the most popular medium for many aspiring artists. With a little practice and understanding however, you’ll soon realize that the benefits of oil paints for painting miniatures outweigh the drawbacks. You can create beautiful, realistic and engaging oil paint art using the oil paint set or the oil paints kit. With a little knowledge you can even paint landscapes with oil paints.

Oil paints enable artists to create intense color depths that are difficult to achieve with acrylics or watercolor. Oil paints can cover as much as five shades and as many shades as you like. To achieve this level of detail and richness in color, the artist has to use a more substantial brush. Because the brush is so heavy, consistency is vital.

Oil paints do require less drying time than acrylics, so they are suitable for use on surfaces that aren’t affected by rapid drying, such as marble, ceramic tile and stone. Oil paints aren’t the best option if the surface is prone to scratches. However, if you choose to use a quality oil paints set and avoid using toxic pigments that are not safe They will last longer than acrylics.

Oil paints are less toxic than paintings with watercolors created using oil since they don’t oil painting contain toxic substances. It is important to carefully study the labels when working with oil paints to determine what toxic substances are in the paints. Oil painting projects should only be done with the colors that are recommended for oil painting. Each set of oil paints comes with an applicator brush which must be used to apply the oil paint.

If the surfaces that are to be painted are to be used for interior decoration it is essential that you select the correct mixing medium. A latex primer is a popular blending medium. Latex paint is an example of a primer. Another thing to take into consideration is that many oil paints have oil paint thinner. If you opt for an oil paint set that has a thinner that isn’t specifically designed to work with your particular oil paint, it could cause the pigment to dissolve or the pigment could be spread across the surfaces, creating irregularities in the painting.

In general oil paints are more easy to mix than watercolors and oil dries more quickly. But, mixing oil paints requires practice. The pigment load is essential as is the dry time. vital and proper lighting and mixing techniques are crucial. However oil paints can provide outstanding results if they are properly installed.