Time and Expense Tracking

Fast and Flexible Time and Expense Tracking

Lifecycle Mobile’s complete end-to-end time and expense tracking system is powerful, flexible and very easy to live with.

Ready to ditch paper and embrace the mobile future?


Time and Expense Video

Paper time and expense reports not only waste time and resources, they hide valuable information that could help you run your business better. With mobile expense reports and timesheets from Lifecycle Mobile you’ll not only eliminate repetitive paperwork and data re-entry, you’ll unlock useful insights. But you get so much more: all of our mobile apps are built using our own Fivespark mobile app platform that’s fast, flexible, easy to use – and it’s included in all of our mobile app systems!
Explore the Fivespark Features

Fivespark helps you build high-quality mobile apps without the time or expense of custom development. Allowing you to collect data more reliably, react to issues more quickly, and make better decisions.

Fivespark forms run on almost any device: laptops, tablets, and smartphones

No internet connection required in the field – store and sync when ready

Include procedures, documentation, and reference material

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