Easy-to-Use Web-Based Form Designer

Form Manager Dashboard

Everything within easy reach

The form dashboard is your form’s home page; it lets you see and change the status of your form at a glance. Need to restrict access to your form to a specific period of time? Want to edit one of the responses from the field? Noticed a typo you need to fix? It’s all one click away on the form dashboard.

Point and click your way to great apps

Form Editor
The screen designer lets you see all the items on a screen at once. Get a live preview of how items will look to end users, and see what conditional logic applies to them. Adding new items to a screen takes only moments using the add item wizard. The form explorer gives you a top-down view of your form, making the relationships between screens easy to understand and easy to navigate.ell.

Test and Iterate for rapid development

Form Manager Dashboard
Test your form from right within your browser to see how it will work on your users’ devices. You can check the flow of screens, execution of conditional logic, and other advanced form features right from the screen editor. Make changes and see the results instantly: no compiling, no deployment headaches..

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