Data Management

Your data, how you want it

Your data, how you want it.
Many online form and application builders let you build forms that look the way you want them to look, but when the time comes to use the data you’ve collected, it’s in the format your vendor wants, not the format you need. Fivespark is different: our philosophy is that you know best how to organize your data, and we give you the tools to do just that. With Fivespark, forms are driven off of your data, and forms can directly update your data and store results in the format you specify. Integrating with your existing systems becomes vastly simplified since you don’t need to worry about data translating or formatting issues.

As simple or sophisticated as you need it to be

Simple or Sophisticated
Our data management screens are as easy to use as our form builder. A simple wizard will walk you through creating your first data set, and from there you can manage everything using the web interface, or get under the covers and integrate directly using our web service API.

Your data is your data

Form Manager Dashboard
With Fivespark, there are many ways to get your data out, and we don’t lock you in and keep you hostage. You can always download everything you’ve uploaded and all the data you’ve collected, including all the raw data gathered by your forms along the way.

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