Fivespark Overview

 Fivespark lets you mobilize your business’s most important applications. Point and click your way to great mobile apps and deploy them to all the devices your employees have.

Explore the Fivespark Features

Build Great Apps Fast





Fivespark’s easy to use web-based mobile application builder allows you to get your apps on to your employee’s devices with a minimum of time and effort; no programming skills are required.

Ride The Smartphone Wave





The number of smartphones in use at companies that were purchased by employees has overtaken those issued by the company. Are you going to ride that wave or be swamped by it?

Custom apps, off-the-shelf price





Even a simple custom built mobile app can cost upwards of $30,000, and mobile enterprise application platforms still require developer skills. Fivespark offers a third way: a self-service web-based mobile application builder.

Your data, where you need it





Fivespark works with your existing systems, so your current data is freed to move around with your workers, and the data they gather in the field is instantly available to your back office systems.

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Inspection Perfection

Fivespark transforms your inspections from a necessary expense to a productive asset. Fivespark inspection forms not only save time in the field by intelligently coaching your inspectors, they give you access to a wealth of data you never had before. See which inspectors are doing a thorough job and which are just going through the motions; even correlate inspection data with repair records to predict future failures.

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Field Force Effectiveness Made Easy

Fivespark lets you create forms that automatically customize themselves to the current user – reduce the time your field workers spend searching through irrelevant information, and keep sensitive information hidden from anyone who shouldn’t see it. Fivespark forms can display rich content like diagrams and pictures, or link to more comprehensive material like service manuals or part lists. When your field workers update data on their mobile device, that data is immediately available to you, in the format that you need it in.

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