Whether it’s tracking capital assets, controlling automated equipment, locating trailers, patient tracking, Location Based Service, 3rd Party Logistics, managing quality processes, or tagging cases, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been in the forefront of solution offering by Sameva.

With its strong skills, sophisticated methodology and proven processes our team has developed an industry acknowledged expertise for delivering software applications, on time and within budget.

Proven expertise and Comprehensive industry experience

Sameva’s expertise which spread across multiple technologies like GIS, Telemetry, and Mobile applications etc. enables us to provide cutting-edge RFID based solutions.

Sameva’s CoE has extensive hands on experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Healthcare which allows us to thoroughly understand your (Customer) unique data collection and automation problems.

We utilize our expertise to provide comprehensive RFID solutions in following areas:

Active Tag Solutions
Passive Tag Solutions
RFID Smartcards

Reduce warehouse, distribution and point-of-sale labour costs
Reduce Inventory errors
Improve forecasting capabilities and planning
High memory capabilities and reading ranges, and faster processing than bar codes
Improve customer experience
Accelerate your Path to RFID Success

Sameva’s RFID Centre of Excellence (COE) is chartered to accelerate the adoption of global RFID technology while maximizing the success of RFID implementations.
As a global solution provider of Enterprise application integration and a leading enabler of real-time business, Sameva is capable of and committed to provide customized RFID solutions to small, medium and large sized companies.

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