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B. Progressive martial arts college or university (Gendai budo)

Convention off Naginatajutsu. Imnage origin: IaidoMadridTaiitsukan.

  • Naginatajutsu: Here is the Japanese style of wielding the fresh new naginata, a medieval Japanese weapon the same as a good Western european glaive. That it fighting style is remarkable given that at some stage in the brand new reputation of Japan, women and you can ladies-in-waiting also obtained learning it martial art. That it generated outsiders believe that Naginatajutsu is not a men’s martial artwork, but this was a wrong perception. In reality, new greatest samurai warriors used which antique assaulting concept quite a lot.

Every modern Japanese martial arts was mainly based after the historical second of the Meji Fix, and that happened for the 1868. The main difference between the outdated traditional Japanese fighting techinques and you will the fresh ones is that modern fighting techinques are not customized for usage in warfare, however, mostly to possess self-defense and notice-update.

Whether your old-fashioned Japanese fighting techinques most often incorporated enjoy relevant to help you are a powerful soldier (including arson and demolition otherwise horseback riding and you may swimming), the current Japanese fighting techinques commonly is a sporting ability. Continue reading