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HOT: A1 Bakery, 645 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

  • Reggia noodles – once more not a clue, but we spotted some older girl stocking abreast of the deal stuff, so realized it has to be alright ($0.99-$1.19) bucatini – primarily just thus I’d need a point of contrast your Reggia spaghetti ($1.19) Calae in a nifty box and was actually a silly ring shape ($2.29)
  • Montefiore mozzarella and prosciutto for my pizza ($3.99)
  • Large piece of grana padano – 600g is the smallest I could pick! ($) – the most effective grain for paella as informed if you ask me by a snobby Spaniard ($7.95). It is twice as much cost at Simon Johnson!

I remember my earliest stop by at A1 Bakery and being astounded from the inexpensive prices for the fresh baked lebanese pizzas. Really, amost five years on and it’s nonetheless dirt-cheap, mainly hanging around the $3 level.

My zaatar pizza ($1.50!) consisted of a smooth pillowy base, the whole reverse of a crispy Italian crust, topped with a tangy zaatar. Continue reading