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I don’t have a surface shot where he does not break his knuckles and acquire a great destination to mine

The view in which Pearson reveals his shadowy record in order to Denise probably should have occurred from inside the a sexual form, but it is difficult to whine once the Preminger and you may LaShelle set it up with the a good ferry as it slow methods the small urban area… it’s very pretty you begin emphasizing the background rather than just what Pearson says.

This isn’t extremely a shock, even in the event, due to the fact Rennie was way out off his deepness from the part. Pierre Fresnay starred the brand new comparable role on modern, and you will none character is supposed to getting really likeable. However cannot look regarding Fresnay the entire running day, and you also should search regarding Rennie, given that he has got no charm. A beneficial take off of wood would-have-been much more interesting. Darnell will also be adrift, in the event that can not blame their once the their reputation has lost much of her edge from the translation. Boyer is great for the a typically thankless part, whether or not their casting is sort of a spoiler inside and of itself. Whatsoever, you don’t throw Charles Boyer because the fifth banana inside a good cast regarding C-listers.

Many scenes and you may sequences hew carefully to help you “Le Corbeau,” so that you cannot let however, compare both shot-for-try, this is where “The newest 13 th Letter” shows up brief also. Despite their higher level outside photos, Preminger and you can LaShelle stumble a lot more reproducing moments such as the letter losing upon a bunch of churchgoers during services and you can a letter tumbling out of a good funereal wreath. Continue reading