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4 Best Ways to Enhance Poor Hard Drive Productivity After Updating Drivers

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Running multiple apps at the same time increases your productivity. But doing the same puts an extra burden on the shoulders of your PC. Well, in most cases, the CPU isn’t affected much, but the RAM is the resource that gets exploited. And if you’re cherishing the old Windows 7 or Windows XP, the interface to disable startup programs can be accessed via the ‘msconfig’ utility.

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  • In that case, it is a good idea to use the first method from this guide, and then uninstall the Your Phone Companion app from your Android device.
  • You can either selectEnabledtoEnablethe Phone linking feature for Your Phone orDisabled orNot ConfiguredtoDisable the Phone linking feature for Your Phonedepending on your preferences.
  • If you need help with that, here are 4 ways to uninstall apps on Android.
  • Pick the phone that you want to unlink, and disconnect it on a particular Microsoft web page, from all the Windows 10 computers associated with your Microsoft account.
  • It’s a pretty powerful tool, so if you’ve never used it before, it’s worth taking some time tolearn what it can do.
  • If you’re using Windows Pro or Enterprise, the easiest way to disable phone linking is by using the Local Group Policy Editor.

It’s not necessary to paste the screenshot in photo-editing apps, you can even paste it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Head to the new Settings app and click the Privacy button. You can toggle all of these settings to "Off," though you may choose to keep SmartScreen Filter enabled. Most of these may already be disabled if you turned everything off during installation.

The firmly entrenched Snipping Tool within Windows is finally getting replaced and upgraded. Snip & Sketch is a new tool that lets you select a portion of the screen to copy when you press Windows + Shift + S. If you want to free up space in Windows 10, the April 2018 Update comes with a new junk removal tool called Free Up Space. It can be found in the Settings app and works almost the same way. I used it to remove almost 46GB of data from my hard drive.

One way to accelerate Windows 10 startup process is by turning on the hibernation feature that’s disabled by default. Fast Startup is another feature which reduces the booting time of Windows 10. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft provides universal drivers for a vast collection of third-party hardware.

Just like iOS or Android, Windows 10 now sports a notification centre which gives you a good overview of new emails, updates, plugged in devices and more. Unfortunately, this area quickly becomes too crowded and can contribute to performance and battery drain as Windows 10 is frequently working to keep a check on all the apps for new notifications. Take a look at apps that are running in the background. Windows 10 is designed to allow background apps to download data from the internet as a way of providing up-to-date information. For example, a weather app might automatically download the latest weather data to your device periodically throughout the day.

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Updates for such devices are delivered through Windows Update. But in the case of unsupported third-party apps and hardware, you might have to update them manually. In the Performance Options window, select the radio button that says “Adjust for best performance“. Alternatively, you can select Custom and choose the options you want to disable.