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eleven brain-blowing facts about Craigslist, which makes over $1 billion a year and you may employs just fifty some body

What’s more, it extends back with the internet’s basic days, that have gotten their come from 1999, when maker Craig Newmark turned into their email newsletter featuring local events about San francisco towards the an online site.

Craigslist now serves 700 metropolises spread round the 70 nations – every with a web page one to eschews progressive framework in support of a largely text-depending design that is largely unchanged just like the very early 2000s.

Here are eleven affairs that you might not find out about Craigslist, new classified ad industries which have an archaic web site structure.

Due to Craigslist, newsprint categorized conversion plummeted 77% in only ten years

It’s no surprise one Craigslist starred a submit the fresh decline regarding antique click. But it’s sobering exactly how dramatic you to definitely turned into.

Categorized advertisement funds to have each and every day files peaked from inside the 2000, merely timid away from $20 million. Of the 2012, categorized advertising was only $4.six mil – a drop regarding 77% . Continue reading