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Meanwhile the fresh new bride to be possess the girl tresses-create and then make-up and embraces the original guests – romantic family unit members, family relations therefore the bridesmaids

This new “kumove” about Bulgarian matrimony

This new “kumove” during the Bulgaria are generally several and close friends of the fresh new newlyweds, however it is along with not uncommon to allow them to not be related. Bulgarians extremely rarely has brothers, siblings or any other family unit members since “kumove”, however, that takes place sometimes also.

  • The „kumove” of groom’s mothers feel of these to possess him too. If that is difficult after that their children becomes „kumove“.
  • This new „kumove” are going to be partnered.
  • The „kumove” purchase the bouquet, new bride’s boots, the wedding servings, this new ritual cash. Continue reading