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Cupidtino defines alone as the very first (and simply) a€?Mac-inspireda€? dating website

Sarahs grab: OtakuBootys user interface are awful. It really is. It might deter the nongeeks from joining, but itll furthermore prevent the geeks. The impractical to navigate the siteI couldnt actually get in touch with OtakuBooty, because I couldnt find their own communications web page.

Alexs simply take: I am maybe not into otaku traditions, but I absolutely wanted to fancy OtakuBooty. Positive the wiki-like format try unsightly, but i discovered their wacky preferences endearing, in addition to news, deals, and quasi-legal torrent sections are convenient if youre excited about anime. If you are perhaps not, you will want to probably join me in offering this incredible website a pass.


Thats rightif you like fruit services the folks which love-apple goods, this site is for you. (The name try a play on a€?Cupertino,a€? where Apple has its own head office.) The philosophy behind this dating internet site usually people that like Apple products often have a large amount in commonthey are innovative type, such as designers, musicians, and article writers, and probably be appropriate for more innovative type.

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