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I’m very sorry, but not one among these is it

Very similar address, though

Bawden has actually written a number of marvellous books, some of which are secrets, and I also would especially recommend The Witch’s Daughter if you haven’t see clearly already. Perhaps Wylly Folk St. John’s Secret of this Seven Crows? In the event that book had been Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden, i might know. The publication doesn’t have spirits, no link with the Underground railway, no male creator, no one in England, not a secret areas, no secret passages, no secret tunnels, etc. There clearly was a library and there is a secret board behind which there can be a stash of forms. It’s like a false back or just a bit of panelling that lifts upwards. The book ended up being a Scholastic guide, it was, whenever anybody thinks about the book you will have mid-1970s paperbacks floating throughout eBay or someplace.

John Bellairs, The secret of Alpheus Winterborn , 1978

There clearly was an Empire mansion from the front, in the center of the address. Browsing e-bay before we located this need, I was thinking the book might be “Mystery with the Green pet” by Phyllis A. Whitney, nevertheless was not. Perhaps a lengthy chance but it is about a treasure hidden in a library. The can also be a paper with an idea hidden behind a mirror. Continue reading