Content Transformation Services

We design and develop manual processes & automated routines that transform complex designed content into digital distribution formats. These processes & transformation routines are flexible and configurable to meet a variety of content needs and systems.

We have the ability to convert various editorial formats including In-Design, Word, Quark, PDF and several others into various digital formats required for distribution online and on tablets & smart phones. Current delivery formats include:

• ePUB, Kindle
• XML (DITA, DocBook etc.)
• Custom formats

Content enrichment

Transformation to digital formats requires not just the understanding of “content” but also “context” that is used by readers or consumers to search or browse content. Such context is established through tags or metadata that provides information about the content being used. We bring the process expertise and best practices of tagging content as well as cataloging it using descriptive metadata to provide better context and increased searchability and recommendation here.

Our consultants can also work with you to identify which tags are best suited to categorize, describe or store related information such as rights. Once the metadata schema is established, various formats of content or content units (tables, images, illustrations) are tagged and quality checked by our teams for better discovery.​

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